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Nvidia NBMiner Nvidia GPU Miner for Grin, BTM, ETH 25.0 CKB

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- Support BTM+ETH dual mining , 20% more profit than single mining.
- Support Bytom (BTM) mining, tensority algorithm.
- Hashrate under default frequency: P106 1900H/s, 1070ti 3400H/s
- Support Nvidia 10xx & 20xx GPUs.
- Support Ethereum (ETH) mining.
- Highest profit on mining pools.
- Support mining pools using ethproxy protocol.
- Support Grin coin mining (Cuckaroo29).
- Support Windows & Linux.
- Support backup mining pool configuration.
- Support SSL connection to mining pools.
- Dev Fee: BTM+ETH 3%, BTM 2%, ETH 0.65%, Grin 2%


- Driver version: >= 377.
- BTM Mining:
- Edit start_btm.bat, modify mining pool url after -o and username or wallet address after -u.
- ETH Mining:
- Edit start_eth.bat, modify mining pool url after -o and username or wallet address after -u.
- For users using 1080, 1080ti, 1060-5X cards, which equiped with GDDR5X memory, remember to start OhGodAnETHlargementPill-r2.exe patch before mining and keep it running background.
- BTM+ETH Dual Mining:
- Edit start_btm_eth.bat
- Set mining pool for BTM after option -o, set username for BTM pool after option -u
- Set mining pool for ETH after option -do, set username for ETH pool after option -du
- There is an option -di (secondary-intensity) stands for the relative intensity of mining ETH. Tuning this option to get best performance on different cards.
- Grin Mining:
- Edit start_grin.bat
- Set mining pool for Grin after option -o, set username for Grin pool after option -u

CMD options:

Typical usage :

- BTM: nbminer -a tensority -o stratum+tcp://btm.f2pool.com:9221 -u bm1xxxxxxxxxxxx.worker
- ETH: nbminer -a ethash -o ethproxy+tcp://eth.f2pool.com:8008 -u 0xxxxxxxxxx.worker
- BTM+ETH: nbminer -a tensority_ethash -o stratum+tcp://btm.f2pool.com:9221 -u btm_wallet_address.worker -do ethproxy+tcp://eth.f2pool.com:8008 -du 0x_eth_wallet_address.worker
- Grin: nbminer -a cuckaroo -o stratum+tcp://grin.sparkpool.com:6666 -u username@email.com/worker


- -h, --help Displays this help.
- -v, --version Displays version information.
- -c, --config <config file path> Use json format config file rather than cmd line options.
- -a, --algo <algo> Select algorithm, tensority for BTM, ethash for ETH, cryptonightv8 for XMR.
- --api <host:port> The endpoint for serving REST API.
- -o, --url <url> Mining pool url.
- BTM: stratum+tcp://btm.f2pool.com:9221
- BTM with SSL: stratum+ssl://btm.f2pool.com:9443
- ETH: ethproxy+tcp://eth.f2pool.com:8008
- ETH with NiceHash: ethnh+tcp://daggerhashimoto.eu.nicehash.com:3353
- -u, --user <user> User used in Mining pool, wallet address or username.
- Format: [username|wallet].workername:password
- Example: bm1xxxxxx.worker myusername.worker:password
- -o1, --url1 <url> url for backup mining pool 1.
- -u1, --user1 <user> username for backup mining pool 1.
- -o2, --url2 <url> url for backup mining pool 2.
- -u2, --user2 <user> username for backup mining pool 2.
- -di, --secondary-intensity <intensity> The relative intensity for ETH when dual mining. recommend: 8 - 24, default to 16.
- -do, --secondary-url <url> ETH mining pool when dual mining.
- -du, --secondary-user <user> ETH username when dual mining.
- -do1, --secondary-url1 <url> Backup 1 ETH mining pool when dual mining.
- -du1, --secondary-user1 <user> Backup 1 ETH username when dual mining.
- -do2, --secondary-url2 <url> Backup 2 ETH mining pool when dual mining.
- -du2, --secondary-user2 <user> Backup 2 ETH username when dual mining.
- -d, --devices <devices> Specify GPU list to use. Format: "-d 0,1,2,3" to use first 4 GPU.
- --strict-ssl Check validity of certificate when use SSL connection.
- --log Generate log file named log_<timestamp>.txt.
- --long-format Use 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss,zzz' for log time format.

GPU Tuning

- BTM + ETH:
- Suitable secondary intensity depends on the ratio of core performance / memory bandwidth
- GPU with relative low memory bandwidth, eg. 1070ti, could tune down the di. Otherwise tune up.
- The ratio changes with different core, tdp, memory settings when overclock GPU.
- BTM:
- Bytom mining performance depend heavily on GPU core, instead of GPU memory.
- Miner can gain beffer hashrate if tuning down GPU memory frequency.
- For example, using MSI Afterburner to turn down GPU memory to -500.

API Reference

Web Monitor

Open http://api_host:port/ in your browser to use web monitor.


GET http://api_host:port/api/v1/status


"miner": {
"devices": [{
"core_clock": 1556,
"core_utilization": 100,
"fan": 36,
"hashrate": 1499,
"hashrate2": "23.0 M",
"hashrate_raw": 1499,
"hashrate2_raw": 23030000,
"id": 0,
"info": "GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11178 MB",
"power": 182,
"temperature": 65
}, {
"core_clock": 1518,
"core_utilization": 100,
"fan": 34,
"hashrate": 1490,
"id": 1,
"info": "GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11178 MB",
"power": 172,
"temperature": 62
"total_hashrate": 2989,
"total_hashrate_raw": 2989,
"total_hashrate2": "48.3 M",
"total_hashrate2_raw": 48308746,
"total_power_consume": 354
"start_time": 1532482659,
"stratum": {
"accepted_share_rate": 0.99,
"accepted_shares": 99,
"password": "",
"rejected_share_rate": 0.01,
"rejected_shares": 1,
"url": "btm.pool.zhizh[Suspicious link removed]p:3859",
"use_ssl": false,
"user": "bmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.test",
"difficulty": "0003ffff",
"latency": 65
"version": "v10.0"

Change Log


- Add support mining Grin on 1066-win10.
- Fix support for Solo mining using grin-server.


- Add support for mining Grin coin (cuckaroo29).
- Minor bug fix and improvement.


- Improve hashrate of BTM+ETH dual mining about 6%.


- Fix a bug that could cause many reject shares when epoch changes under ETH dual mining .


- Fix high stale share and reject share ratio when use big -di for dual mining BTM+ETH.
- Fix the support of web monitor for dual mining.
- Minor bug fixs and improvements.


- Fix support ETH PPS+ mode on F2pool
- Add support for ETH on NiceHash (with protocol header ethnh)
- Fix rest api when dual mining.
- Minor bug fixs.


- New BTM+ETH dual mining mode.
- Decrease the required driver version to 377.
- Temporarily remove support for XMR mining.
- Fix start using config file.
- Add a default protocol header if not specified.


- Improve BTM hashrate.
- Add support for ETH and XMR mining.
- Optimize handle for new job, increase profit on mining pool.
- Colorful output on console.
- Add support for backup mining pools.
- Decrease dev fee of BTM to 2%.


- Improve hashrate


- Improve hashrate ~30%
- Improve stability


- Improve hashrate 10% - 15%
- Lower skipped share rate, increase actual hashrate on mining pool.
- Added display for mining pool latency.
- Added display for mining pool difficulty.
- Improve API web monitor.
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