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Nvidia T-Rex NVIDIA GPU miner (Windows & Linux) 0.8.4

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  • Performance improvements: x22i +1-4%
Known issues: performance regression for RTX cards, will be fixed in the next release
  • Add algo: x21s (Ritocoin) - can be mined at MinerMore and a few other pools
  • New config parameter: --sharerate-avr - Sliding window length in seconds used to compute sharerate (default: 600).
  • Add algo: dedal
  • Fix skunk performance issue introduced in 0.8.1
  • Performance improvements: x22i + 20%
Added algo: "geek" (GeekCash coin) Performance improvements (1-3%) of x16-like algorithms for GTX/RTX cards. Added watchdog. Replace t-rex.exe with watchdog.exe in your bat file in order to use it. Default value for -N paramater is increased from 30 to 60 seconds. Bug fixes: stratum+tcp:// pool URL prefix is no longer mandatory Reduce CPU load when using large -N values "Clean jobs" feature removed in the previous release is back NOTE: watchdog functionality is currently limited to restarting the miner if it hangs. Extra features will be added in future releases.
  • Minor performance improvements for skunk and x16-algorithms for Pascal and Turing cards
Bug fixes

  1. Crashes 20 sec after dev fee session when using -r 0
  2. Temporary backed out "clean job" feature that was causing rejects on some pools e.g. beepool and bitpoolmining
  3. Fix average hashrate reporting when using large -N values (over -N 4294)