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AMD SRBMiner Cryptonight AMD GPU Miner 1.8.0

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Recommended drivers:
Adrenalin 18.5.1, Adrenalin 18.5.2, Adrenalin 18.6.1

Supported algos:

Cryptonight Alloy

Cryptonight ArtoCash
Cryptonight B2N
Cryptonight BitTubeV2
Cryptonight Conceal
Cryptonight Dark
Cryptonight Fast
Cryptonight Fast2
Cryptonight Fest
Cryptonight Gpu
Cryptonight Graft
Cryptonight Haven
Cryptonight Heavy
Cryptonight Hospital
Cryptonight Hycon
Cryptonight Italo
Cryptonight Lite
Cryptonight Lite V7
Cryptonight MarketCash
Cryptonight Mox
Cryptonight V4 (R)
Cryptonight V4_64
Cryptonight V7
Cryptonight V8
Cryptonight StelliteV4
Cryptonight StelliteV5-V8-V9
Cryptonight Swap
Cryptonight Turtle
Cryptonight Upx
Cryptonight Webchain
Cryptonight Wownero
Cryptonight XCash
Cryptonight Zelerius

...but you can also use aliases like 'cryptonight_r', 'monerov4', 'cryptonight_heavyx', 'cryptonight_pico' , etc..

  • DevFee is very low, it's only ~ 0.85% (both in normal mode and in algo switching mode)
  • Using the same algo as user for devfee mining, so there is no difference in algo settings, power usage, etc..

  • Guided setup mode for basic configuration
  • Watchdog that monitors your GPU threads, if they stop hashing for a few minutes, miner restarts itself
  • Hash monitor, if 5 minute average hash falls under the value you define, miner restarts itself
  • Startup monitor, if miner can't init GPU's and start mining in a defined time, restarts itself or runs a user defined script
  • Monitoring of GPU temperature, and if a critical temperature is reached, that particular GPU is turned off until it cools down
  • Set system shutdown temperature, to protect your GPU's from overheating
  • Restart (disable/enable) Vega gpu's before mining for maximum performance
  • API for rig monitoring
  • Set compute mode and disable crossfire on all cards
  • Benchmark every algo locally without connecting to a pool
  • Auto switch to new algo on coin fork

Последние обновления

  1. 1.8.0