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AMD Teamredminer - очень быстрый lyra2z и phi2 майнер для AMD 0.4.1

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teamredminer v0.3.2 Beta Release (previously tdxminer)
This is an optimized miner for AMD GPUs created by todxx and kerney666.

This is a BETA release and may be unstable on some hardware.

Algorithms: lyra2z, phi2

GPUs Supported and Tested:
  • RX 580/570/480/470 on windows and linux with amdgpu-pro drivers
  • RX Vega 64/56, Vega FE on windows and linux with amdgpu-pro/PAL drivers
GPUs Supported but Untested:
  • RX 560/550 on windows and linux with amdgpu-pro drivers
NOTE: This miner does NOT monitor GPU temperatures.
It is up to the user to ensure that GPU(s) are functioning within safe power and temperature limits.

Software Requirements:
  • Supported GPU driver (see GPUs Supported above)
This miner includes a 3% dev fee.

For those looking for help getting going under linux, please check the old tdxminer thread as it has many very helpful posts.

For reporting bugs and/or for features requests please make a post here and we'll do our best to respond.
Any feedback would be appreciated.

Features In Development:
  • Re-add ROCm support
  • New Algorithms
  • API support
  • Temp and Fan Monitoring
  • Colors
Changes in v0.3.2
  • Added windows support/build
  • Added vega PAL driver support
  • Removed ROCm support (temporarily)
  • Removed libjansson dependency
Changes in v0.3.1
  • Fixed phi2 issues with rejected shares and low pool-side hashrate.
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